• How big are Good Baklava treats?
    They’re just a bite! Well, maybe two, for those that can control themselves. Each baklava is slightly larger than a classic match box. All bite-size. All delicious.
  • Can I modify or cancel my order?
    All orders are final, so make sure everything looks correct at checkout and you should be smooth sailing!
  • Are Good Baklava products nut-free?
    Definitely not! 
  • What is the nutritional / calorie information for Good Baklava baklavas?
    Each baklava is under 150 calories! 
  • Will Good Baklava products arrive fresh?
    Yes! Our awesome packaging and fast shipping ensures that your products will arrive fresh - guaranteed! If you have any issues with your order, reach out to baklavagood@gmail.com


  • What baklava flavors does Good Baklava offer?
    We are starting off with the classic rectangle pistachio baklava, we hope to offer more styles, shapes, and flavors as we grow. 
  • Are Good Baklava products nut-free?
    No, our products are not nut-free. 
  • Does Good Baklava bake gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan products?
    Not at this time.
  • Is Good Baklava Kosher certified?
    Not yet, but this is planned for the future! 
  • Does Good Baklava have an ingredient list?
    Yes! You can find our ingredients list on individual product pages! 
  • Where are Good Baklava products baked?
    All of our baklava is assembled in Gaziantep Turkey! Home to the best and most earthy pistachios on planet earth! The baklava is then frozen, shipped to our facility in New Jersey, then baked and finished with more pistachio, from there it's shipped to your door! 


  • How can I place an order?
    Use our website or email baklavagood@gmail.com
  • Do I need to pre-order?
    If you would like to order ahead of time, email baklavagood@gmail.com
  • Can I send Good Baklava gifts to multiple addresses?
    Since shipping is free, just place two separate orders! 
  • What type of payment does Good Baklava accept?
    For online orders, we accept credit cards (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay. For phone orders, we accept credit cards only (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover). For walk-in orders, we've gone cashless! We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay for worry-free, contactless payment.
  • When will my credit card be charged?
    Your credit card will be charged when you finalize your order.
  • Will pricing information be included with my gift order?
    Nope! We do not include receipts or invoices with orders placed online or over the phone. Because nobody wants a gift with a price tag on it. But you will get a confirmation email. 
  • How can I use my Promo Code?
    You can input your promo code by going to your cart and clicking on Apply Discount Code or clicking Apply Discount Code during the checkout.

Baklava Storage Details

  • How should I store Good Baklava?
    This one may be surprising, but it's simple. Covered and on your counter! Believe it or not, this sh*t lasts forever! Well, nothing lasts forever but the honey and sugars act as a natural preservative, creating a shelf life of 2-3 weeks post delivery. 
  • How are Good Baklava baklavas packaged?
    Glad you asked! We have options. Online we’re currently offering 25 packs of baklavas and baklava. You also have the option to get all fancy and add a gift box - for individual 25 packs we offer an awesome tie-dye gift box, Congratulations box, Thank You box, and Happy Birthday box. For 50 and 100 packs, we offer our awesome tie-dye gift box.
  • What are Packs?
    Packs are clear plastic containers that keep our treats so fresh and so clean! We currently have 25-packs available online. Each baklava or macaron sits in its own little bubble within the pack, so they won’t smush! Cute right? And they stack really nicely. We also have packs that hold smaller quantities in store.
  • Can I travel with my order?
    Absolutely! Our packs are great travelers. If you choose to bring an ice pack, we recommend wrapping them up in plastic as there will be some condensation. For airplanes, we suggest keeping our product in your carry-on.


  • What is a Shipping Order?
    Shipping Orders are orders that are shipped nationwide to all 50 states via UPS
  • How can I place my Shipping Order?
    Shipping Orders can be placed online
  • How can I pay for my Order?
    You can pay with a credit card online
  • Will Good Baklava products arrive fresh?
    Yes! Our awesome packaging ensures that your products will arrive fresh - guaranteed!
  • How long will Good Baklava products stay fresh at home and while in-transit?
    Our custom packaging will keep your baklavas and other treats fresh for two weeks in the freezer, and up to 4 days in transit.
  • How does Good Baklava ship?
    We’ve got this part down. First we put your bite-size baklava into our custom-designed packs and then we shrink-wrap them to keep them super duper fresh.. Then we put it in a really cute box and UPS brings it to you!
  • How can I track the progress of my order?
    For shipping orders, we'll send you an order processing email with a tracking number 1-2 days before the arrival date. The "Track Order" button and tracking number will bring you to our tracking page where you can watch your treats take their journey.
    For Delivery orders, we'll send you an email when the order has been delivered.
    For pick-up orders, just head to your selected store and your treats will be waiting at the scheduled time!
  • What should I do with my Shipping Order once it arrives?
    Open it! Open it! Then jump for joy! Just kidding, but you can do that too. If you can somehow prevent yourself from immediately eating the contents of your box and want to serve your treats later, just take out the individual packs (shrink-wrap optional) and stick em’ in the freezer. Take them out 20-30 minutes prior to serving and enjoy!
  • Where does Good Baklava ship?
    We ship nationwide to all states, including HI and AK.
  • Can I ship to University Campuses / Mailroom P.O. Boxes?
    Yes! We love college. While FedEx does not deliver to USPS P.O. Boxes, exceptions are made for student mailrooms (that’s right - mailrooms are not technically considered as P.O. Boxes! Phew!). Just be sure to verify the accurate guidelines and address format with the university.
  • Does Good Baklava ship internationally?
    We’re currently only shipping within the U.S., but we may cross borders someday! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.
  • When will my Shipping Order arrive?
    Approximately 2 days after it is shipped! 
  • Is my arrival date guaranteed? What if my Shipping Order doesn’t arrive on the date I chose?
    Because we use UPS as a third party shipping method, we are not able to guarantee arrival dates and times, but we try really, really hard to make sure it gets to you on time. If you’re planning for special occasions, we recommend choosing an arrival date 1-2 days early (so for weekend events, we recommend arrival on Thursday) so you can be worry-free! And your baklavas and baklava will stay fresh in-transit for up to 4 days and in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.
  • Do I need to be home to sign for my Shipping Order?
    Nope! UPS does not require a signature for our packages, which means that your order will be left at the arrival destination as long as the delivery person feels comfortable doing so. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, a second attempt will be made as soon as UPS can accommodate it, usually on the following business day.

Business Vibes

  • Can I apply for a Good Baklava job?
    Probably! What do you do? Good Baklava is always looking for talented folks within the musical, recovery, and food communities. Love Baklava? Love ecommerce? Design? Marketing? Dev works? Let’s talk! Email baklavagood@gmail.com 
  • Does Good Baklava franchise?
    YUP, but only on lot on this time. Lets talk Email baklavagood@gmail.com
Does Good Baklava wholesale?
Wholesale inquiries can be directed to baklavagood@gmail.com,